You are invited to submit abstracts 300 - 500 words in length for papers covering the following topics:


  • Performance and technology drivers for space applications of novel materials, including composites, ceramics and optical materials.
  • Space environment interactions (atomic oxygen, UV and particle radiation, micrometeoroids and debris, contamination, vacuum, thermal cycling) and synergistic effects.
  • Modelling the interaction of materials with the natural and induced environment. This includes also degradation due to contamination.
  • New methods and procedures for ground tests to characterise space environment effects on materials.
  • Standards related to the evaluation of space materials.
  • In-flight experiments and lessons learned from the exploitation of in-orbit data.
  • New materials, processes and technologies including material aspects of micro/Nano-Technology and material problems related to miniaturisation.
  • Materials and processes that are technology/mission enabling, in particular for extreme environments.
  • Qualification of new materials, coatings and processes.
  • Impact of standards and regulations, such as REACH.