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ISMSE-13, the 13th International Symposium on Materials in the Space Environment, will take place in Pau from 22 to 26 June 2015



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ismseMaterials can be directly exposed to the space environment. Missions meet increasingly severe environments, e.g. close to the Sun or inside giant planets magnetospheres. Mission durations and material performance requirements are also constantly increasing. This is why, in spite of our efforts and achievements, the behaviour of materials in the space environment remains a major concern.

Further constraints make the task of material engineers even more complicated. International regulations are increasingly constraining. Reduction of all types of costs is also a main driver, costs of material design, production, testing, etc. While design margins should be reduced to control budgets, reliability and safety must be improved…

This symposium shall promote all types of exchanges between scientists and engineers involved in space environment effects on materials. It will cover the various fields of knowledge relevant to this issue (see topics)

Contact: communicationmip@onera.fr